“I Have Proof, So Don’t Push Me” – Toyin Lawani Continues Attack On Miracle

Celebrity, Toyin Lawani has continued to blast Miracle for playing Nina and ending their relationship the way he did.

She is insisting he would have compensated her with his prize money. According to her, Miracle was leading Nina on all along and she has proof of it.

She wrote;

“Pls don’t tell me to stop,I’m truly upset ,cause @nina_ivy_ won’t talk don’t mean I won’t,that’s her Business,she played the game with her heart,he played it with his head,insult me all you want I will still talk,I’m not Nina ,better recognize,After he made the world think she’s a loose girl which she’s not,cause of what they both displayed on tv,if she’s your sister what would you do? Lailai we go share that money by force,he should have compensated her,we all know Miracle didn’t do the writeup,we know who wrote it for him,cause he’s still begging ,he enjoy London things change,omoojuorolari,�but the truth is he cheated NINA ,by still leading her on daily,I have proof so don’t push me,argue with your ancestors � This will teach all of us not to make a long term decision on a temporary situation,lesson learnt.”


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